Supporting your path

Your path is always your own, but you do not need to be on it alone.  You may be here because you are suffering loss or anxiety, or are curious about what should come next in life.  Or perhaps you are struggling to find fulfilling and authentic relationships.  With some support, it is possible to find greater ease  and uncover resilience you may not know is there - or that you have not yet fully tapped into.  

By strengthening mindfulness and being fully present and embodied, it is possible to live more fully and find ease in the midst of life's struggles.  Too often, many of us live stuck in old patterns or with the hope that we'll eventually find meaning in the future.  It is not that we need to reject our past or future, but to make them our allies and encounter our present experience with less fear, more choice, and greater curiosity.  

My role is to provide support in the process until you can do it on your own.  Mindfulness and somatic coaching help transform anxiety and disconnection by reconnecting us with untapped or lost resources.  This may include meditation, trauma resolution work, or psychological practices from both Western and Eastern traditions.  In all cases, the work is about developing a greater capacity to embody your values and be more fearless, even on a path that is sometimes hard or painful.

Your path does not need to be simple or easy in order for you to walk it joyfully and confidently.